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Nermin Topovčić

Bosnia and Herzegovina


EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Technology, Human rights, Health and well-being


At the age of 18, I discovered activism and then actively began to develop the necessary skills, gain relevant experience and knowledge, and explore ways in which I could contribute to my community and country. I went through countless trainings for this purpose, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, and in Europe. I coordinated many projects, of which I would single out the #TvojGlasJeBitan (#YourVoiceMatters) campaign that I founded in order to raise awareness of the importance of participating in electoral processes. It brought together thousands of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and had a reach of 13 million users on social networks. I have been a facilitator, moderator, speaker, educator, researcher, and influencer. For my actions, I received several certificates of appreciation for my contribution to young people, an award in the field of debate, as well as an award for simulating the work of the UN Human Rights Committee at an International Student Conference.


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