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Marko Lončar

Bosnia and Herzegovina




My name is Marko Lončar, I come from a small town called Teslić in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have graduated at department of politicology at Faculty of Political Sciences in Banja Luka and I am currently student of master studies at Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade at department of European Studies. Also, I spent a semester at Faculty of Social Studies in Brno, Czech Republic, at Erasmus+ exchange programme.

I have worked in NGO and media sector. I am one of founders of an NGO organization in my town called Youth Club Teslić as well as its president for four years. Also, I am one of founders of Local Foundation Borja which is a foundation that includes four municipalities around the Borja Mountain. Besides local organizations, I worked for several other NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Atlantic Initiative, Transparency International and Coalition for free and fair elections “Pod lupom”.

I have published a publication named “Has the Dayton Agreement passed the exam?” regarding attitutues of student population of Bosnia and Herzegovina after 25 years since the Agreement was signed. I took part in a lot of projects, conferences and competitions therefore I would like to underline only the most important ones among them such as Models of European Union in Brussels and Zagreb, Ayn Rand Conference in Warsaw, Regional School of Political Philosophy dr. Zoran Djindjic in Belgrade, Students Encountering Science in Banja Luka, Bled Strategic Forum etc. Also, I used to be an active debater therefore I was part of a team that won the national debate championship for students in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019. My results were noticed so I was one of the scholarship holders of a foundation named after ex-president of Republic of Srpska dr. Milan Jelic. 


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