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Gevio Tabaku



Youth activism


Hello! I am Gevio and I currently study Applied Informatics at Barleti University. Back when I was in high school, in Gramsh, my hometown, I founded an informal youth organization called ‘Nisma13,’ because the area was in need of a group to promote volunteerism and youth empowerment. At the height of the group’s active operations, we were helping more than nine in-need families, while organizing activities for the area’s youths and marginalized groups. When I moved to Tirana to pursue my studies, I created, an online platform that helps students all across Albania connect and communicate with each other, while freely expressing their opinions on various matters. Furthermore, the platform also serves as an online academy where students can learn virtually. Since December 2019, I have been a part of the Youth Advisory Group (YAG) at OSCE Presence in Albania, where I work with a group of eight to support OSCE Presence by providing them with the perspectives of youth in the development of their activities and programs.

VOTES 2015

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