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My name is Endrit Tasholli and I am from the village of Gadime, Lipjan Municipality, a picturesque place surrounded on both sides by hills and a river in the middle of the village with many trees and greenery.

I am completing my bachelor studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj in the field of Interior and Mobile Design. During my studies he has been part of many volunteering projects both at the Faculty and in the city of Ferizaj.

I was part of various training courses on leadership, active citizenship, volunteer work, group formation, and entrepreneurship. During this time I also did some internships in carpentry,  where I learned more about how to work with wood but did not stop creating different accessories with natural materials and different techniques. Also I participated in several workshops at the Termokiss social center, such as building a dog shelter, building a greenhouse, and after a while I started organising crystal workshops every weekend in Termokiss.

Through these workshops, I met many people and had the opportunity to learn a lot, and help initiatives like Bread for All and Line of Life (suicide hotline). Recently I was part of several festivals such as PlayFest in Ferizaj and the Festival of Fathers in Prishtina.


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