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I am Edona Haklaj, a 22-year-old girl with big dreams. Born and raised in the North of Albania, I came to Tirana with the aim of changing my reality and our common reality. In love with words, poetry, activism and journalism, I think of ‘my being’ as one more in this world with a mission, with the mission to protect the defenseless, to fight injustice, to speak in the face of silence, and to triumph over the power of the government.
Since high school I have been very active in social life. I have participated in and defended many public causes that are mainly related to the environment, art and human rights. At the age of 19, I started working as a journalist for FaxNews, an informative media.
I strongly believe that a free voice in the media is a voice for change and I believe in the changes that each of us can give to the community. I strongly believe I can be a voice of change, that’s why I’m here.


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