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Bojana Popovic





Greetings! My name is Bojana Popović, and I was born and raised in multicultural Vojvodina. In 2019, I graduated with a degree in Media Studies from the Department of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, and I was awarded Best Student of the Year. Currently, I am completing my Master’s in Communicology, and I intend to further improve my knowledge of modern media systems. I’ve completed a course on Digital Marketing, and I’m engaged as a volunteer at the University of Novi Sad’s public relations team. Apart from this, my interests are in human rights and community development, and, in the future, I would like to work towards these goals with the aim of promoting EU values among the younger generation. I’m currently committed and active at the Vojvodina Center for Human Rights, where I work as a social media coordinator in a psychological-social support program for people living with HIV/AIDS. I have experience in reporting and writing, as well as website management, and I write for my university’s website. I am certain that my involvement in educational youth activities will enable me to contribute to the promotion of active citizenship and youth development in Serbia and the Western Balkans.


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