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Besfort Spahijaj



EU integration, Arts and culture, Human rights


My name is Besfort, I graduated from the Faculty of Law. Now I am completing my master’s studies in International Relations at Hasan Prishtina University. During my bachelor studies, I was involved in student representation, where I was part of the decision-making process in student representative bodies. During my bachelor’s and master’s studies, I was engaged in civil society activities, and I participated in several local and regional conferences related to international relations. My commitment to the activities that I have organized and attended have always aimed at the improvement and advancement of youth as well as their empowerment in society.
As a researcher of international relations, I see representation as a function for improving relations between societies and states. I see youth engagements in regional or international programmes as a real opportunity to overcome inter-ethnic barriers and create an environment where cultural and thought diversity is respected.


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