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Albrie Xhemaili

North Macedonia


Youth activism, Environment


My name is Albrie. I’m 23, and I’m from Kumanovo, North Macedonia. I studied International Communication at the southeast European University (SEEU), and I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Diplomacy program at the same university. I am a feminist, an activist, and an ambitious woman. I have volunteered in projects for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (NGO), whose mission is to promote and support intercultural understanding and cooperation. I am also a recipient of several major scholarships within North Macedonia and abroad and have also contributed to cultural events such as acting and singing in my country. Furthermore, I’ve been involved in a number of seminars in both North Macedonia and across Europe and participated in the implementation of the LEAD MK 3 Fellowship Program’s small-scale projects – where I, together with 50 other young individuals from North Macedonia, were involved with the project’s implementation. The project was named ‘Making Youths Aware of Fake News.’ Also, I am a member of the Stella Network, which aims to contribute towards the fight for gender equality. I also undertook a very interesting internship at ALSAT TV (North Macedonia’s national television station), where I was engaged as a journalist and moderator in a cultural program.

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